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Managing your retirement savings is easy with LifeSight.

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Saving with LifeSight

LifeSight is the home of your Vodafone defined contribution (DC) savings. You will pay a proportion of your salary into LifeSight each month with Vodafone double-matching your contributions.

LifeSight offers you a range of improved features including:

  • wider investment choice;
  • a better range of options for how you receive your money when you come to retire; and
  • well-developed member support and online tools.

LifeSight is simple to use and comes with the award-winning ageOmeter. This tool can help you see the bigger picture of your retirement savings and understand when you might be able to afford to retire. You can also access a free guidance service at retirement. All of this is available on the LifeSight website.

LifeSight replaced the previous DC Plan. Any savings you had in the previous DC Plan were automatically moved into your Account with LifeSight in early 2020.

On this site you will find information about joining LifeSight, making contributions, investing your Account and your retirement options.

There are also links to useful forms and informative documents to help you find out more about saving for your life after work.

COVID-19 and your LifeSight Account

WTW and LifeSight are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and where appropriate, have activated Business Continuity and Incident Management plans.

As part of these plans, steps are being taken to allow for changes in working conditions to ensure that available resource can be focused on critical processes (including all withdrawals and settlements) to ensure the minimum impact on members.

If you have raised a query with the LifeSight Team, they will respond to you within standard service level agreements (SLA) where possible. We do, however, ask that you bear with us throughout this uncertain time and continue to make full use of the information available on your LifeSight Account via the 'My Bookshelf' and 'My Quotes and Statements' pages to 'self-serve' as much as possible.

If you are in the process of retiring or transferring out of LifeSight, and the value of your fund has changed by more than 10% when your benefits are due to be settled, the LifeSight Team will be in touch to check that you still want to go ahead.

You can read more about the impact of COVID-19 on your investments on the LifeSight website.

Need more information?

The Pension Protection Fund has published a guide for pension scheme members to provide some reassurance for those concerned about the impact of the pandemic on their retirement. Visit to read COVID-19 and your pension.

If you have any major concerns, please get in touch.

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